Biographies of space

Not bound by address, walkability or electoral boundary, neighbourhoods bring together a matrix of spaces with shared geographies. These territorial associations hopefully shed light on their loose collective ambit rather than attempting to define or label.



Some feel that Marina Bay lacks the type of citizen housing which endears and enables it to be thought of as a national tableau. Our selection of five public housing projects show that this was not the case for older 'downtowns', though. Their aggregation hopefully sheds light on the expanse of what we might consider a 'national' or 'collective' space where citizens live, work, and play.



Although Singapore is well known for its brand of urbanism, such development often neglects the island's natural heritage. Operating around these mechanisms is the civil society and its various efforts in furthering environmentalism in Singapore. Here, we acknowledge these citizen-driven endeavors and explore how the public values of their related spaces, located in Singapore's centre, often go beyond just ecology or biodiversity.