The ones with alternate endings

The recognition of what is worth visiting or what counts as ‘historic’ is inherently political and exposes power relations. With trails, we are disrupting the way Singapore is broadcast and, by extension, experienced. We present alternate modes of ‘tourism’, recasting the way we engage with the city.


The First Date Trail

So you've finally secured a date with that girl who seems too fine for you. You believe she's already been to Gardens by the Bay, and you probably aren't wrong. Jia lat. Try this: bring her to these 6 buildings that were recently redeveloped. That's right, they aren't around anymore, and that's the point.


The Overseas Friend Trail

'I'm going to Singapore and expecting you to show me a good time!' That's what your friend says as your mind flashes to the strobe lights of Clarke Quay. Save that for later. Spend your day at these buildings that were abandoned for periods and have met different fates. Show this person a side of Singapore that even you, perhaps, didn't know about.


The Window Shopping Trail

Sick of spending your hard-earned dollars at the same shops in different malls? Then this trail is for you. These shopping areas have distinctive alternate narratives which subvert conventional ideas of Singapore and its shopping malls, calling us to contemplate, more than they compel us to consume. Explore some of the islands in our island city.