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Any idea of nation is not, and should not be detached from the lives of its inhabitants. Your stories are therefore crucial forms of inquiry which aid the understanding of ‘Singapore’. We invite you to discover and share.


Thank you, KAP

My most enduring memory of KAP was the day my family went to have supper at KAP McDonald’s. (Those were the days when the kids’ play area was still on the second storey, and I was always intrigued by the little train that went round on tracks hung near the ceiling…)


Singapore Tropicana

In those weeks, I discovered Singapore, I discovered architecture, but most importantly I discovered the need for ambition. It is a studio and review that I will never forget.


I fulfilled my dream

On 19th October 2010, my kids gave me a surprise present for my birthday… A book written by writer director Amir Muhammad entitled ‘120 Malay Movies'. The book is a romp through the Malay films that was made in Singapore and Malaysia. It was a good and informative book regarding 120 Malay movies that was made during P Ramlee heydays which includes all the movies made by prominent studios of Shaw Brothers' Malay Film Productions, Cathay Keris and Merdeka Studio from 1948 to 1972.


Preserve KAP

I was so sad to hear that instead of renovating KAP, it’s going to be demolished. Slowly but surely Singapore u are going to lose your charm. You have disappointed us esp those who have grown up visiting these places with our parents. And one day we would love to tell our kids "look, this was my playground" what we have now are just photos and memories.


A place of romance

King Albert Park remains to be my favourite go-to place when I lived in Bukit Timah during my high school years as an expat in Singapore. It was an extremely convenient place to grab McDonald’s after school and soccer games; in addition Cold Storage was bigger and had more various products than other stores.


Sexual Content

Pic from 2009. I took this for a laugh, then recently I heard the building is going to be torn down.


SYF Arts & Crafts

Singapore Youth Festival Art & Crafts Exhibition 2004: Wings To Soar, held at the Singapore Conference Hall.


Mr Lee at Yan Kit

Then Senior Minister Lee Kuan Yew and Mrs Lee attending the ground-breaking ceremony of interim upgrading programme at Tanjong Pagar Plaza


Halloween Hide-and-seek

It was Halloween, so some friends and I decided to play hide-and-seek at Turf City (now The Grandstand). We thought this would be fun and we weren’t wrong.