Preserve KAP

Text by Diyana Zaidi

I was so sad to hear that instead of renovating KAP, it’s going to be demolished. Slowly but surely Singapore u are going to lose your charm. You have disappointed us esp those who have grown up visiting these places with our parents. And one day we would love to tell our kids "look, this was my playground" what we have now are just photos and memories.

McDonald's KAP

I remember my old man borrowed a van and brought me, my mum n big bro and he drove to a drive in when i was a kid. it was our first drive thru and being a curious kid, I was awed by it. Then, when I studied at Ngee Ann Poly, that was our study point. And now that I’m married, we constantly head to the drive in esp when we went out late at nite and was extremely hungry.

Seeing all my childhood memories slowly disappearing because of the constant growth of condominiums, roads and tracks. I believe I say on behalf of most of us, we are sick of the extreme fast changes made to our beloved country. Why of all empty plot of lands which are still available in sg, why KAP or any other iconic places?

Really hope whoever the person who’s buying KAP, preserves it. If u wanna build a condo, build on top. It works for sum shopping centres like Junction 10 and Jurong Point.“