A place of romance

Text by Eun Jae Baek

King Albert Park remains to be my favourite go-to place when I lived in Bukit Timah during my high school years as an expat in Singapore. It was an extremely convenient place to grab McDonald’s after school and soccer games; in addition Cold Storage was bigger and had more various products than other stores.

Remembering KAP

However, the purpose of the King Albert Park serves to the whole community for its needs, but to me, it had a different purpose - it was a place of romance. Any teenager will understand, romance is their first priority, even though when there are other important things to worry about, such as SAT scores. I know for certain that it was true for me.

For our first date, after a movie, I took her to the Island Creamery, which is an ice cream café at King Albert Park. The unique aspect of Island Creamery is that they allow customers to take a picture, print it out, and pinned it against the walls, which we did and jotted down words that made the night special for both of us and bond us together – there is also a picture of me that my girlfriend took after I was dumped by my ex-girlfriend and as she comforted me, but that is another hilarious story.

I wonder what would happen to all of those pictures at Island Creamery, would I have the chance to retrieve them before the wrecking ball arrives?