Halloween Hide-and-seek

Text by Jonathan Chen

It was Halloween, so some friends and I decided to play hide-and-seek at Turf City (now The Grandstand). We thought this would be fun and we weren’t wrong.

The Grandstand at night (Photo credit: Jonathan Chen)

This was in 2008 when Turf City had Giant, seafood restaurants, car importers, makan places along the road and not much else. One of us, Justin, often went to the driving range nearby and thought Turf City always looked abandoned at night so he suggested we ‘use’ it on Halloween.

I quickly ran for the top of the structure and hid in what must have been the commentary booth. From there, I could hear footsteps and screaming, never being certain if they belonged to my friends or some other beings. It was pretty scary – the building was dark, and the forest around Turf City shrouded us in a sea of black. Even though we agreed to keep the hide-and-seek within the North Stand, it still took about three hours for nine folks to be found. The tenth and final ‘hider’, Justin, was in one of the bathroom stalls and was never found, so we had to call him to let him know we gave up.

Overall, I had a memorable night and would recommend abandoned building hide-and-seek to anyone interested in some Halloween fun. I felt like Turf City took on a new meaning for me, and was a space that I could explore, claim as my own, and grow acquainted with. Pity there aren’t too many of these spaces in Singapore!