Eastpoint Mall

Text by Kelly Koh

Eastpoint Mall offers a counterpoint to the homogeneity and impoverished civic quality found in too many shopping developments.

Eastpoint Mall (Photo credit: Team Design Architects)

Taking its cues from pedestrian and flow in shopping, Eastpoint Mall is not considered as the normal mall. In fact, it has its own energy. Made up of a six storey cone shaped void with the exposed truss escalators, point-fixed glass balustrades, radiating aluminium strip ceilings and generous day lighting from the glass facade, it all fits in to create a theatrical setting.

Eastpoint Mall and Simei MRT Station at night

Unlike many shopping centres, Eastpoint has its own charm, wit and humour incorporated in one building. It is highly articulated and has a multifaceted exterior which is embellished by a rich tectonic cacophony of structural fragments, bright colours, and glass panels of different transparency. It is meant to be a 'LOUD' building, subsequently giving a contradiction to the homogenous HDB landscape.

Cylindrical atrium of Eastpoint Mall Singapore

Their feature denotes a sense of urban 'oasis' and city experience. This is seen through the spatial relationship between the rotunda atrium and the vertical stacks which reveals most strongly its urbanistic character. The tapering walls oversized linkage and bridge-like trusses all create an image that constitutes a certain lexicon which denotes urban complexity.