Pang Sua Canal Deck

Text by Eugene Tan

HCF and Associates presents a mature design of modular parts at this neighbourhood fishing spot.

Hidden behind blocks 690D and 691B at Choa Chu Kang Crescent is a humble yet stimulating fishing & viewing deck. Located along the Pang Sua Park Connector and the adjacent canal, the 11m wide deck has grown popular with residents, joggers, and fishing enthusiasts.

Steel and timber construction of Pang Sua Canal Deck Singapore

The deck rests on 7 steel frames, with the perimeter columns recessed to give a sense of lightness. The steel base supports a fully modularised wood, concrete, and plaster construction wherein the whole is visibly the sum of its parts. Carefully detailed are the timber battens which form balusters. Displaying an acute sensitivity to the design’s role as a fishing deck, the architect eschews horizontal railings, allowing fishing rods to pass through and then rest on a lower batten.

Fishing at Pang Sua Canal Deck

Green roof shelter and gateway onto Pang Sua Canal Deck

The approach is also well-considered. Entering, a ‘pause’ space is first created, before a gentle ramp makes a slow but clear separation between park connector and deck. Below, a small planted roof is encountered before one turns and is finally presented with a clearing. Looking out from the benches provided, the balusters also give visual accent to horizon line – alluding to an anthropomorphic design application and reinforcing the architecture’s role as a device for viewing.

Pang Sua Canal Deck between Choa Chu Kang Crescent and The Green Corridor